Why Kashmir is Important Part of India?|Is Kashmir Part of India?

These questions are so important why India pretend to be the main Party for Kashmir

Is Kashmir Part of India?:

So, the answer is that it is really confusing because if Kashmir is part of India than India should not chant so wildly in front of the international community like this. Because it would be obvious to know what is in between the lines. Is Kashmir part of India is really an annoying question in so many forms. If we just open the case in this scenario that Kashmir is a core position for India than Kashmiris should be more relaxed and sophisticated. But here, in this case, Kashmiri leadership is behind the bars they are not allowed to speak out their hearts what they think what they want.

Is Kashmir part of India is not a question its a curse on the face of Kashmiris. They have to beg for the food, for the livings, for the other necessary thing in their horrible situation. There is a debate outside the Kashmir on the other continents that Why Kashmir is important?. 

Why Kashmir is Important? 

So the Answer for this question is that Kashmir is the water pump for India and Pakistan. And also according to the DG-ISPR of Pak Army “next wars will be on the water” so the one should know that Kashmir is the waterline. Pak and India can’t let it go as it is it’s all about water when we talk about why Kashmir is Important. That is why and also moreover the revenue through tourism Kashmir can generate no one can. Heaven on earth is just the perfect place to visit all the time but without bloodshed.  Also read, Kashmir with India Issue Solution in Current Situation

One should know now why Kashmir is Important to India and Pakistan. The thing that needs to remember is that the world is in danger if Pakistan and India create any chaotic situation.  To just show those classy weapons in their wardrobe which is really insane. 

Is Kashmir a State?

Basically yes! Kashmir is a state but who is the owner of the land? it is the question yet to answer by the other sides of the related stage. It is quite obvious to mention that what is on stake for a state which is the main hub of all the fleshes of this earth. There should be some hope to visualize a free Kashmir state. 

Kashmir a state of love, harmony, passion, and courage with some taste of those innocent faces. Is Kashmir a state that should be more precisely answered by these so-called democratic champions. Rise Pakistani

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