Economic Hitman

The Economic Hitman the modern day target killer

What is Economic Hitman?

The Economic Hitman the modern day target killer using the currency to roll the world according to your myth. There are some destructive tools of Empire to manipulate the countries crush them hard on their own homeland. This term the “economic hitman” specially trained economist around the world used by the new world order IMF. The International Monetary Fund according to them they sustain the poor people and allow them to live their lives. But no this is not the case they stole their freedom through economic hitman. They apply such policies on poor countries and starts a war against them. This is what you call the “new world order” to end the concept of religion make the people greedy and hungry always.

The Third World War

We all know about the two biggest wars in the last century where human was acting like a wild animal. And then some great mind sat and created a new phenomenon to remain in Power forever. They thought that if a country always fighting for their existence then there will be no power change. Pakistan! I’m sorry to say that because it is the biggest truth curse on us. We are Imf’s slave because we got the potential but who cares no one worlds biggest free slave right now. So, after the 2nd world war ended in 1945 the Imf was created. We have to realize that we are at war for the last 70 years. Only the terms and conditions are changed rest is the same around us. Don’t you think? ok, let me put up an example, what happens in war? Do people die? yes, they die. Do, people fight for food? yes, they do. Do, people start losing their wealth? yes, they do. And yes yes yes this is the truth this all happening now. We all at war we have to accept it. Pakistan govt gladly hired some economic hitmen. Rise Pakistani

What is The Solution?

We all know the solution for all this drama only Islamic Banking can resolve our issues the best of the best.

Islamic Banking is the only logic which creates a line between evil and good make it big for everyone. Why rich is still rich and the poor is down there because there is no chain of money transfer from one hand to another. Simple is that Pakistan deserves better, I would refer you how IMF hurting us all  “Confessions of economic hitmen” by John Perkins. How Americ took over the world the answer is in this breathtaking book.


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