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Home Sports Umar Akmal banned for three years Shocking decission| Spot Fixing

Umar Akmal banned for three years Shocking decission| Spot Fixing

Umar Akmal Banned for three years

This is really big news in the current context the big fish of Pakistan cricket Umar Akmal is now knocked out. The right-handed batsman who was supposed to be the next Inzamam-ul-Haq of Pakistan cricket is now facing the music.

There were chances that Umar Akmal will get rid of these allegations but it was all in vain. Nothing was too convincing for the jury to help Umar so that he can pursue his cricket.

Umar Akmal who is also the brother of Kamran Akmal the Keeper Kamran and cousin of Briliant Babar Azam is now gone for 1095 days. It was shocking for the cricket fans and experts that Umar will suffer that much. But PCB this time decided that enough is enough now is the time to go forward towards the glory of Pakistan. So we can assume that Pakistan cricket has now decided no love for fixing anymore.

The thing to understand is that Umar was so much taken care of by PCB but this time it was not that good. It was his fault and maybe this time its a crime committed by Umar Akmal.

Can Umar Akmal Play PSL?

No Umar Akmal can not play any cricket for the next three years. It is now on cards that Umar’s cricket is done and dusted by the Pakistan Cricket Board. He has been treated like a goat, in this case, the Judicial system of PCB is really questionable why don’t they ban all the suspects of Justice Qayum commission. Akmal is the child of that crime which was committed in the ’90s and ’80s. So our Senior Players should be Happy now that Umar followed them in this great journey of fixing.

Pakistan cricket can not afford it anymore there should be a simple pathway to follow.

Rashid Latif Next PCB Chairman

Only one thing can help Pakistan cricket now Clean and open big heart personality which can be Rashid Latif for sure. Because He was the one who stood against it when he was in the side and also the core member of the Pakistan XI. It is really embarrassing to see such stuff in Pakistan Cricket but now is the time that Rashid Latif should own Pakistan Cricket and Step up as the main stakeholder.

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