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Home News Sri Lanka in Lahore (Pakistan) after a long time

Sri Lanka in Lahore (Pakistan) after a long time

After the First Match Abandoned:

Sri Lanka in Lahore soon after Karachi matches we will see a new era. It will be a great occasion for Lahori’s International team will be there after 10 long and hard years. Unfortunately, the first match is abandoned due to rain. It is a win-win situation for Pakistan. National stadium will hail all the pain of 10 years. Second ODI match will play Sri Lanka vs Pakistan on Sunday 09/30/2019  in the national stadium. It opened in 1955 it has the capacity, of 34,228 seats for the spectators.

Sri Lanka Security in National Stadium:

Around 4,500 Policemen will be alert on their toes, says DIG east Farooqi. Army, Ranger also deployed at the arena. The Lankan Captain(Thirimmane) praised the security also thanked the love from cricket lovers. After the practice session in the national stadium, Karachi talking with media. “We feel at home the love and care are just awesome” the Lankan cap. 

Is Lankan Tour worth for Pakistan?

It is a million-dollar question which is asked by so many people. According to social media, it is like a treat for Pakistani’s they are just feeling at the top. The Image of Pakistan will change the mindset of other countries who abandoned us they have to answer now why they don’t play with us. Because of Pakistan’s right to play their home series at home, not in U.a.e.

world at cricket what they need more

SL’s Tour is The Gateway for Other Countries

Icc must take serious actions related to cricket if they want to promote the game. You can not ignore three Icc title winner side like this. We did witness Zimbabwe tour followed by World XI in 2017. Now, its the duty of Icc to take legitimate steps to save cricket.

Sri Lanka in Lahore (Pakistan)
Sri Lanka in Lahore (Pakistan)

Pros and Cons Since 2009

As we all know that on March 2009 the horrific day for our cricket. It was like a ban everyone was cut off from us as a nation but we fight back like a true lion. We roar against terrorism and sacrificed thousands of lives to just raise our flag at the heart of this world. Yes, now we are seeing a new era the Tamil speaking boys are back in Pak. Also read, ICC cricket world cup 2019

love life and Lahore national stadium
love life and Lahore national stadium

Are The U.S. And China in The Cold War
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