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Sindhi Cultural Day

Today is the sindhi cultural day people of Sindh and all over Pakistan is celebrating the regional festival of love and pure happiness. Sindhi cultural festival is one of the important occasions in Pakistan and in Sindh. Also known as ‘Aekta jo ddihaarro’.

Sindhi culture is so vast in many ways sindhi people are suppose to be very kind and full of hospitality. Sindh also known for its rich spice foods. Sindhi cultural day show us how our roots are still that much strong.

We the People of Pakistan should realize that our culture is everything for the survival. In this new era of science and technology we should follow our roots.

There are issues of corruption and mafias etc but the biggest alarming situation is our heritage. Heritage is a core thing for any nation to step up and gear it for the betterment.

If we don’t follow our heritage where we going to stand than?. We should think about it this sindhi cultural day is not a day it’s a phenomena that heritage is our only hope.

Yes corruption is destroying us letting us begging other countries. But if someone ever asked us what is your cultural heritage?. What we can say to them wearing shalwar kameez is not enough speaking and learning local and regional languages are more important. Its our responsibility to learn local languages share our words of love with each other. Be a balochi, be a Punjabi, be a pakhtoon, be a sindhi, and most important be Pakistani.

A British  will never speak chinese because he never belong to there although he will speak latin because it’s a part of his school course. Teach your younger generation regional languages and own your culture

Share “sindhi cultural day” love and passion because we are tired and wounded nation we need hugs and love please be a Pakistani stop hate spread love. Love you all


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