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Home News Sikh Referendum 2020 for Khalistan| Petition news T Shirt

Sikh Referendum 2020 for Khalistan| Petition news T Shirt

Sikh Referendum 2020:

sikh referendum 2020
Sikh Referendum is quite a campaign now. Sikhs do have some population around the world where they are making it quite logical for the Indian Government.

The Biggest worry for India after Kashmiris and other Muslims around the map of  India is Sikhs Referendum 2020. This is getting famous day by day on social media also making some excitement for the Sikh community. This Referendum is about the freedom of Sikhs from the Indian Occupation.

Surely India will not allow the Sikh Referendum 2020 at any cost because of the benefits they get from Punjab Territory. Punjab is no doubt the land of greenery and agriculture where Sikhs are the main stakeholders. So  Punjab is currently politically changing its scenario. Sikh Referendum 2020 will be held on November 20 and that will be so crucial how it went on. 

What is Referendum Khalistan 2020:

 the golden temple
Sikhs Referendum 2020 is the face of the Golden Temple where many Sikhs were killed badly by Indian troops in 84.

Referendum Khalistan is basically base on the core of this scenario for Sikhs to Draw a new line on the map of the Sub-continent as a new Independent country for Sikhs. Referendum Khalistan 2020 is the new revival of the 1984 movement held by the Sikhs when they Fought hard against the Indian Supremacy. We should remember that Sikhs were very Anxious at that time. The Gorilla war was really annoying for the Indian Government at that time. Referendum Khalistan 2020 will maybe the revival of the 1984 Khalistan movement but this time in a new way.

Sikhs changed their tone, their style, their legacy, but the goal is the same. The Referendum Khalistan 2020 has the Archer to achieve “The Golden Temple” yes! it is as revengeful as anything for Sikhs. They still remember what happened to them in “The Golden Temple”.  Also Read, Qasem Soleimani Achievements, Cause of Death, Funeral

 sikh referendum 2020
They Always pay tribute to the leaders who sacrificed their lives for the Sikh nation.

One should ask the question Why Sikhs want freedom and why they want that Referendum Khalistan 2020?. The answer is that there are some restrictions for Sikhs in India. The following are some points to Look Forward to that.

  • Sikhs can’t Acquire land outside Punjab
  • They face serious charges outside Punjab
  • If they borrow a house or live as paying guest in Anywhere in India They Should pay High amounts. 
  • The Judicial System is also affecting Sikhs in other parts of the country as well.
  • No doubt they harassed religiously on the number of times. 
  • Jokes about their Turban are causing some serious damage too. 
  • Getting marry outside Punjab and many more are serious things. So, therefore, Sikhs are not comfortable in India with the policies they have been treated since the Partition.

Sikh Punjab Referendum in UK| London:

The Sikhs in Uk are really doing some work to make it happen for them. They want to do the Referendum on the given date so that they will create a good pool of people. If It happens with plenty of people vote in favor of a new land it will be big news for the World in this era of the cold war. Sikhs do participate in the campaign in London to help their cause. The mindset has been changed now Sikh Referendum in London and all around the Uk is a big thing for Sikhs to look forward to. 

There are some chances that the social media campaign will be more fascinating in the near future. Sikh Punjab Referendum In Uk| London is getting sympathy with the passage of time. Slowly and gradually the Sikh Youth is getting the Idea of it how they were treated badly in the past. And still, now their worth has not been up to the mark.

Punjab gave India the Best Prime minister for two tenures MR. Manmohan Singh. Also, so many Rap singers and actor actress working in the Bollywood industry trying to re-build the new era for Youth. But you got to say that that is not enough old school thought is still there in the minds and pumping up again surely.

How to do Sikh Referendum 2020 Voting?

This is the biggest question regarding this topic on how to do Sikh Referendum 2020 voting. Because there so many Sikhs who live overseas especially in Canada. Where the Sikh population is in numbers so, for that there some sites which are working to help their viewers regarding Sikh Referendum 2020 voting. The sites facilitate the Sikhs to participate in the poll and get connected to their soil cause. 

sikh referendum 2020 voting
Sikh Referendum 2020 voting is quite an interesting thing to do.

Sikh Referendum 2020 App:

To help and also to connect the Sikhs there is an app to follow. This App is helping the Sikhs to make it happen for their pride and soul. To maximize their abilities that they can do the difference for the Indian establishment. They can do the things and turn the tables around on their side. So following are some screenshots to look up to the Sikh Referendum 2020 App.

 sikh referendum 2020 app
This quite a useful app. Wherever you are in the world just download it and you will be the Part of this Campaign.

They allow you to be the part of the Team for The Coming Referendum Khalistan in this November.

Sikh Referendum 2020 Petition:

The Petition is in the Indian court to legalize the scenario of Sikh Referendum 2020. The Sikh Referendum 2020 petition is a curse to fulfill for the Indian Courts. If they want to ensure that there is any law in India. Maybe there are some un-ethical chants to look after. But justice must prevail to spoke according to self-unleash.

Sikh Referendum 2020 T Shirt:

Besides the fact that this movement is really going on and hard. But The thing which really shined with that is the Sikh Referendum 2020 T Shirt. The Symbol of Respect for Sikhs is placed on this shirt and it is really fascinating the youth. The online order is really awesome people like wearing the Sikh referendum 2020 T-Shirt. It looks cool to wear the 2020 T-Shirt. 

sikh referendum 2020 t shirt
The Sikh Referendum 2020 t shirt is really annoying the administrators around the globe.
 sikh referendum 2020 t shirt
Hard Kaur already supports the Sikh referendum 2020 She Wears the Khalistani Sikh referendum 2020 t shirt

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