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Home Sports Is Sharjeeel Khan Coming Back in The Side? PCB Drama

Is Sharjeeel Khan Coming Back in The Side? PCB Drama

Is Sharjeel Khan Back in Pakistan Team?

Well if we say yes it is going to happen soon. Another fixer will represent Pakistan again in the green blazer. We should say that it is our insanity level towards our patriotism. We can not define ha borderline between good or bad. The phenomena are kept on changing after 2010’s fixing trauma in Pakistan cricket. Some suspicious points make PCB the main culprit behind this all fantasy.

  • Why Amir played again and Asif, Salman can’t after 2010?
  • What are the criteria for representing Pakistan?
  • Is talent is everything?. What about moral ethics and values?
  • Why PCB can’t control their player’s cheap stuff?
  • If Sharjeel Khan represents Pakistan again than why not Khalid Latif and Nasir Jamshed?
  • Why PCB so biased?
  • Will Umer Akmal gets his reward or what?
  • What was the exact case in Sharjeel Khan, Khalid Latif, Nasir Jamshed? only PCB knows about it because there was no information out in media through other sources.

Khalid Latif, Nasir Jamshed, Knocked Out by Sharjeel Khan

One guy who was innocent according to PCB was indeed Sharjeel because he accepted his fault. He went through all the PCB oriented things but Khalid Latif and Nasir Jamshed took the other way towards Judiciary. But it went against them because its all about power game we are no one if we talk about these big organizations like PCB, BCCI, or the mother of all ICC.

Pakistan Cricket is full of villains with excitement at its peak to minimize the presence of a clean guy around them. Pakistan Govt needs to step forward and do the right thing to make it crystal clear. Players should know the meaning of dignity. pride and self-esteem to hold their heart.

Pakistan Cricket and Sharjeel Khan Deserves Better

Sharjeel Khan is the symbol of┬átalent, Class, Power Hitting, and Aggression. But did it help Pakistan to gain pride over him? No, it was not like that he is now been seen as a spot fixer. Who fixes the scene for a while to gain some extra bucks great isn’t it?.

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