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Is CCPO Lahore Umer Sheikh Behind Motorway Rape Case?| Suspicious Character

CCPO Lahore rapist Umer Shiekh
Motorway Rape Case. Is CCPO Lahore Tentative?. suspension of this non-serious and super ridiculous CCPO Lahore. 

Motorway Rape Case

As it is crystal clear now how incompetent were the Police force on the brutal act. Motorway Rape Case will be the last nail in the coffin this brutality has to be ended sooner or later. But the way CCPO Lahore Police Umer Sheikh is twisting the case is quite unethical and against the law. His behavior is just not fit for the Police force. The man is Provoking his stance over the Honorable Victim Lady for no reason.


The CCPO Lahore needs to grow up as a gentleman because the way he starts dictating is just annoying to handle. Also according to him, he is the best police officer of Pakistan with zero credibility according to IB (intelligence Bureau) recent report about him. Also read, Why There are Rape Cases in Madrasas?| Are the Teachers Incompetent?

Is CCPO Lahore Tentative?

Yes, the IB’s report about Umer Sheikh is not quite relaxing. Mr. CCPO is not so good in moral values and has been accused of so many immoral activities. But What to say He is still in the house holding the roundabout 2.5 crore population.

We can question him that maybe He is the real culprit behind all that mess happened. Who knows he is trying to hide someone?. Maybe those Rascals knew him already he is such a cheap character.

We demand a full-fledge open inquiry and suspension of this non-serious and super ridiculous CCPO Lahore.

Why There are Rape Cases in Madrasas?| Are the Teachers Incompetent?

Rape in the most Respected institute
Rape Cases in Madrasas Why does it happen in Holy Places?. What are the Criteria of a Madrasa Teacher? What we Should need to do for Madrasas?

Rape Cases in Madrasas:

Firstly it is not an Anti-Islamic Article at all. We are talking about some serious things happening in our most prestigious places Madrasas has always been our backbone. But who is the black sheep behind all that mess happened in our society?. And still crushing the roots of the Islamic system with full of pride and un-sorted ashamed manner.

Note: We are not talking about all the Madrasas there was always the debate of good coups bad coups and that is what happening in Madrasas. There are well known good people there but not all of them are great.

Why does it happen in Holy Places?

The biggest and blunt truth for that is the teachers preaching the Holy Quran are incompetent they do have the basic knowledge about the most graceful Book. But they are not eligible to explain their students the difference between good or bad. They have countless faults in their teaching style which is cursing the Society.

What are the Criteria of a Madrasa Teacher?

The basic issue which is there is that there are not any criteria for hiring Teachers in Madrasas. They rarely complete their education only criteria behind all this is that Hafiz-e-Quran. If anyone who is Hafiz-e-Quran can be a Teacher or preacher in Madrasa?. That is unfair completely without the wrong doubt. Also read Should Marvi Sirmad hanged till death?

Let me explain you with an example. If a Multinational company or 17 Grade Government Job can’t acquire a Matric pass who can read and write good stuff. How can an Institute of moral heights have a mediocre mind thriving there?

Now People will go wild here hey! you can’t say that because Hafiz-e-Quran is the best thing which one can proud of. Well sorry for that Sir because our 60% Hafiz-e-Quran’s are from Poor family backgrounds. And the background who never seen any ethics or moral ground to provoke the betterment of Religion.

The Perfect Religion can’t be sorted by imperfect people. We need the best of the business to summarize the myth with zero logic. Educated People full of Islamic Knowledge and ethics can be fruitful for us in the coming future.

Posted by Awais Qarni Arif on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What we Should need to do for Madrasas?

Please focus on acquiring generous and great people to step up our system. We can not let the others decide our faith Islam knows every bit of it so for that Our Kingmakers should talk about this.

There should be a criterion for hiring a Madrasa Teacher. The government should support them, by giving them higher ranks and a good income. And the most important thing is that that person should have the best knowledge about Islam. No matter what is his/her caste that is nothing to concern with. We should build more registered Madrasas with competent people Preaching the best Religion in the Universe. Please consider it an appeal with an open heart we want a better Pakistan.

There are 12,000 to 40,000 registered and non registered Madrasas.

Military is on the Same Page With me Imran Khan| Arab TV Interview

Abduction of Journalists and much more asked by the anchor to PM Khan
In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera T.V. Not Media But I'm Unsafe. We are on The Same Page with the Military. PM Khan Added

Not Media But I’m Unsafe:

In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera T.V, the Prime minister of Pakistan was quite vocal with the Anchor. As Hashim asked the Prime Minister of Pakistan that Journalists are unsafe in his Country. But According to Imran Khan that not media or any Journalists but I’m and my Cabinet is not safe.

PM Khan Added:

He said that we have been criticized really badly and still now we are not going hard at them name me one Journalist who had been abducted in my last two years tenure. Yes! there might be one or two cases but it was not that harsh or dangerous.

“I have spent 20 years in England I know how their media treats their Govt. If I do any kind of action against my Media there will be Million of dollars case against them to deal with”.

Maybe Imran Khan was talking about Journalist Matiullah Jan Who was abducted by some security agencies when he was standing outside his wife’s school while dropping her. abducted Pakistani journalist Matiullah Jan returns home

We are on The Same Page with Military:

Imran Khan Often stats that he and Pakistan’s Military Establishment are on the same page. And moreover, they back him in any kind of situation it is all given and take no going back.

Should Marvi Sirmad Hanged till Death? And is This a blasphemy attack by her?

Marvi Sirmad 295C
Marvi Sirmad What have you Done?. Marvi Sirmad had any logic?. Will Marvi Sirmad Hanged till death?.Will Marvi Forgiven this time?

Marvi Sirmad What have you Done?

Yet again its this woman again Marvi Simrad with another sensitive issue but this time she is just crossing limits. We should try to know that why people now always try to do those unorthodox things which were never been our cup of tea. Talking about Islam or Prophet Hazrat ESA A.S (JESUS) should be in some manner to just not go far beyond our words. This time Marvi again did another misconduct with her words. She was trying to provoke Balochistan’s case but done that this time unethically.

Will Marvi Forgiven this time?

Chances are very low because on twitter #Arrestmarvisirmad-295c is really really popular now and people are not coming slowly against her this time. She has to face the nightmares this time full of Emotions.


People want her to be arrested as soon as possible. She has done something really stupid this time and it’ll make her curse badly full of hate from the nation.

Will Marvi Sirmad Hanged till death?

Well, maybe this time she will face the music with lots of harshnesses because of her bold stance. These people need to realize that this is not brave talking or courage this is really insane stuff from this so-called Analyst with no shame to dignify. May Allah give us all the right path because we need it desperately. The amount of flood rushing now in the form of Social media it will kill us all with zero dignity behind.

Marvi Sirmad had any logic?

No there was no logic behind this unrealistic stuff for sure. She was just going with a flow and maybe she was not in her senses while typ9ing those words. Nothing is above the criteria of moral craft we should not get blind and remember the same woman against Khalil ur Rehman Qamar “mera jisam meri marzi”.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Attacked by Mama Baloch| Khalil and Rafique Heroes

Mama Baloch is going wrong
Mama Baloch Attacked Pakistan Stock Exchange. Khalil and Rafique The Two Heroes. Who is Mama Baloch?. Pakistan at top of the proxy regime.

Mama Baloch Attacked Pakistan Stock Exchange:

On Monday 29th of June Pakistan Stock Exchange been attacked violently by 4 men of BLA. In combat fight, all of them been killed by the Quick Response force of Karachi Police. It’s a big achievement by the lads of Karachi Hites in recent times to explore their will and courage against any kind of enemy. The terrorist attacked the Stock Exchange from the main entrance assuming that there will be no one to engage them or give them a tough fight. But their planning and observation all went wrong when the Special team countered them in a flash. Meanwhile, 10 killed 4 terrorists including hostage situation foiled.

Khalil and Rafique The Two Heroes🖖:

The Champs of today’s one on one interaction with the enemy did nothing against the rule book and won the battle one-sidedly. Khalil and Rafique the two Rangers of Karachi doomed the opposition and secure the Stock Exchange building. Khalil has done his enemy with a super headshot while he was about to reload. On the Other hand, Rafique killed the other when he was about to throw a hand grenade at him. It was a bullseye by both of lads no issues what so ever. We hope Govt will assure a healthy package for both the Young guns so that their hard work may pay off.

Who is Mama Baloch?

The term Baloch is always been used for pride but in recent times things went nowhere for the Baloch neither for Balochistan. If we talk about missing persons it’s a big trauma for Pakistan not only that the resources of the Baloch nation never been specified by the Govt of Pakistan. So, if these things never been dealt with why do we expect They will not retaliate against the state to ensure their presence. Mama Baloch is one of the rebels around who is always doing stuff against the state. And on many occasions, he asked for help by the Indian Govt for ammunition. Now the Baloch Liberation Army did that straight into the hub of business now it means war. Things are really complicated all around the world and now again Pakistan at top of the proxy regime.