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Psl vs BBL| Psl vs BPL| Psl vs Cpl| Psl vs T20 Blast| Psl vs Ipl


It is quite obvious to understand that BBL (Big Bash League) is the brand from Australia owned by ACB (Australian Cricket Board) one of the very best leagues full of colors and class. BBL has been one of the very few leagues where technology is been used on the next level of class. In the last edition, they really tide the arena with some miraculous shines. On the other hand, PSL (Pakistan Super League) is been quite a unique tempo league where most people enjoy cricket in the old fashion no hustle-bustle. Something is really fascinating about PSL is that it’s been watched in Australia also with a good audience there.  PSL vs BBL is a big thing to conquer genius people dealing with these Leagues.

BBL is been different in some other ways also because in the Australian League franchises can only take 2 foreign players in a playing 11. But in PSL Franchises can acquire 4 to 5 in a match so it’s quite a difference but in BBL one team can exchange players if their player got injured or the National team calls him.


The basic thing between the two leagues is that PSL and BPL are owned by Asian boards or we can say that sub-continent boards. PSL VS BPL has been a simple scenario for the spectators PSL is much bigger League then BPL (Bangladesh Premier League). Stars in Pakistan Super league are much big stalker than Bangali league. 


CPL or you can say that Caribean Premier League the biggest cricket party of this planet held in West Indies. One can imagine the fun it is mind-blowing to witness the charm, the excitement, the emotions. We can sum it up saying its just one heck of a League full of dance and cricket. So in this regard, PSL has its own flavor of Classico matches one should remember. 

PSL vs T20 Blast:

The Biggest cricket crush of summer in England and all over the world is county crush. Because T20 Blast is the best treat to watch with the old school thoughts of cricket. If you know the thick and thin layers of county cricket than it will be easy for you to judge between PSL vs T20 Blast. Lancashire, Glamorgan, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, and somerset, Sussex. The best one can think to have is just amazing to see the genuine cold English style. 


Pakistan and India the old rivals on any filed what humans can think. They do compete in some way in cricket also but not in money. PSL vs  IPL money is the strong zone for India, on the other hand, Pakistan can’t put that much Pasa in cricket. But there is a counter for that is India did do some damage to cricket as well with the big amount they pay to players is cursing the game so badly. 

They Acquire players on their will and demand many players now just wants to play IPL instead of representing their country wearing that National jersey does not matter them because they need that stupid IPL contract. In this way, PSL is far better than IPL because there are still some emotions left to recognize them as a cricketing nation. Yes, there are some dark spots on Pakistan’s face but it is quite manageable but PSL vs IPL is a strong ask. 



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