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Home Sports Is PSL Fixed?| Is PSL a Success?| PSL Stories of Lust

Is PSL Fixed?| Is PSL a Success?| PSL Stories of Lust

Is PSL Fixed?

Nothing is that much heartbreaking until it is about cricket and passion for it. One can’t deal with that kind of mishap with his/her emotions on a cricket field. The pain of being cheated as a fan is really a bad scene because pure emotions do need some respect from the other side Is PSL Fixed?. So the answer to this particular question is that it is not quite sure whether its a clean event or there are some black sheep around it. 

We should know that money does bring lust and hunger with it. Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif’s case is still there to remind how PSL was tried to get fixed through the Indian Lobby and other stakeholders operating in the U.A.E. The most-watched online league around the world is PSL so you can not deny the dark people around it. Now, let’s see is PSL a success or a flop show?. Also Read, Psl vs BBL| Psl vs BPL| Psl vs Cpl| Psl vs T20 Blast| Psl vs Ipl

Is PSL a Success?

Is PSL a Success
What you think Is PSL a success? The Stats shown are from only Cricgif  So the Credit goes to them also 🙂

You can’t say that PSL is not a success because it has the fan base of unique colors. The majestic classy taste of desi cricket cannot be defined by anyone else around the world. The clash of classics has been the asset of PSL the Brand of Pakistan. But here now in Pakistan Will PSL be a success story for PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). The IPL, the CPL, even the EPL or any PL, as successful as they are, they are all just sports leagues. The PSL, for Pakistan, is not just another sports league. It’s much more than that.

Will PSL be a Success in Pakistan?

It is a million-dollar question because players are coming from all the playing nations except India as we all know about it. So, Will, it makes a big impact this time for the Cricket lovers that should be the big question for all. Will PSL be a Success in Pakistan is a question in every Pakistani’s mind they want this brand to flourish so Cricket can see the real roots of Pakistani culture and Pakistani style of cricketing thoughts. 



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