Wakeup Call for Imran Khan

Ministry of disinformation

Young Party young side needs experience. So it is a wakeup call for Imran khan and his team. Why they don’t understand that political victimization is not the right thing to deal with the Shehbaz and company The Nawaz Sharif is a brand in Pakistani Politics he will be the main man in this Arena. So after by elections scenario Govt should realize that it is not enough. They  have to think out of the box now.

As energy rates are increasing again 3.75 rupees per unit it is really not good going for the poor person living in Pakistan. Govt can’t do this even if they do want to go like that they should step up the gear quickly otherwise after 6 months it will be a big mess for them.

Their spokes persons ( Fawad ch, Feyaz ul Hasan chohan) both are really annoying in many ways while its media handling or doing some stuff for their Information ministries respectfully both are real evils. Pti media team should be more responsible while doing any stuff on social media because they are in Govt so they need to wake up. It is not about KPK now its about Pakistan.

Their ex Cm KPK is having some cases pending in N.a.b and they are backing him all the time. Pti was always against the phenomena of family politics but they are going in the same direction where Ali Nawaz gadhapur has won while his brother was also elected on pti’s ticket. The famous N.A 60 of Hanif abbasi and Sheikh Rasheed where nephew of Sheikh has won. I mean where is the Change than in attock district they lose their seat while in Lahore PMLN clean sweep. Though social media is trolling Lahore but they should know that their policies were never been too good in the last 60 days.

Hope they will get rid of their own issues and sort out National Issues. Pm Imran Khan should meet Nawaz sharif and ask him to help him by his own experience as Pm of Pakistan I know he will never do that but he should remember that juniors can’t really deal with Bouncers and it is debut innings of Pm Imran Khan he needs some experience.

byelection 2018

byelection 2018





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