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Pakistan Stock Exchange Attacked by Mama Baloch| Khalil and Rafique Heroes

Mama Baloch Attacked Pakistan Stock Exchange:

On Monday 29th of June Pakistan Stock Exchange been attacked violently by 4 men of BLA. In combat fight, all of them been killed by the Quick Response force of Karachi Police. It’s a big achievement by the lads of Karachi Hites in recent times to explore their will and courage against any kind of enemy. The terrorist attacked the Stock Exchange from the main entrance assuming that there will be no one to engage them or give them a tough fight. But their planning and observation all went wrong when the Special team countered them in a flash. Meanwhile, 10 killed 4 terrorists including hostage situation foiled.

Khalil and Rafique The Two HeroesπŸ––:

The Champs of today’s one on one interaction with the enemy did nothing against the rule book and won the battle one-sidedly. Khalil and Rafique the two Rangers of Karachi doomed the opposition and secure the Stock Exchange building. Khalil has done his enemy with a super headshot while he was about to reload. On the Other hand, Rafique killed the other when he was about to throw a hand grenade at him. It was a bullseye by both of lads no issues what so ever. We hope Govt will assure a healthy package for both the Young guns so that their hard work may pay off.

Who is Mama Baloch?

The term Baloch is always been used for pride but in recent times things went nowhere for the Baloch neither for Balochistan. If we talk about missing persons it’s a big trauma for Pakistan not only that the resources of the Baloch nation never been specified by the Govt of Pakistan. So, if these things never been dealt with why do we expect They will not retaliate against the state to ensure their presence. Mama Baloch is one of the rebels around who is always doing stuff against the state. And on many occasions, he asked for help by the Indian Govt for ammunition. Now the Baloch Liberation Army did that straight into the hub of business now it means war. Things are really complicated all around the world and now again Pakistan at top of the proxy regime.

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