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Home News Netflix top ten movies you should watch

Netflix top ten movies you should watch

Netflix top ten movies

The online movies site full of original content is much more popular than any other online web portal. There are hundreds of exciting content available of youtube and other entertainment sites but Netflix is just the ultimate level. Here we will discuss the top ten Netflix movies you should watch right now.


Drama the suspense joy full of emotion was just mind-blowing and outclass. IMDB rating of the Roma 7.5\10 but the feel in the movie is more loveable and more near to reality. It will make you cry once and that’s sure. Fight of a mother for their children curses of her love for her husband how the things shifted when she pregnant. We have to admire the direction of Alfonso Cuaron.

2.Star Wars Episode Viii: The Last Jodi

The Champion franchise the super-duper hit movie is having yet another part this time in Netflix for the online audience. No doubt this time breaking many records with its filmography and outclass camera work and stunts. There are some things which are always evergreen and This Star war is one of them. Netflix audience can see the beauty of this fiction and imagination on just one click now. And also you guys should know that 7.1\10 is the IMDB rating of this blockbuster.

3.Black Fish (documentary)

It is a story of a whale who killed many people this is one of the few rare documentaries to see. Also, it does make you think deeply about this mammal how it possesses towards nature. Majority of the times things can’t undergo like this but this Awesome documentary should be seen it will change the dynamics. The rare thing is that it really makes you feel a bit different and special while watching this piece of art.

4.Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

Animated and a Super Hero film. What else then spider-man the logic aside the lovers of this superhuman is just so delighted to see it on the Netflix. The movie is so special one would never want to miss such a masterpiece. The Fight between the evil and the good how the spider will tackle go and watch :).

5. Theory of Everything

drama is in there also the deepness of love and romance. It’s just a complete package for your holiday stuff you just need to play and watch it with your love and don’t forget to have some chips. Inspired by the true events about Stephen Hawkings and his love life to pay tribute to the expired scientist. Lou Gehrig with just too good and Oscar-level performance. Sitting on a chair as a handicap makes it is big just a classy actor like him can do this.

6. Always Be My Maybe

If you are a fan of romance and kissing all around in the movie then you are on the right spot go and check this sensation.

7.Schindler’s List

Full of drama real acting skills, deep storylines, powerful dialogues, impactful characters. Presenting you the Schindler’s list amazing movie big wow.

8. Beasts of No Nation

Beasts of No nation is full of action war drama movie. The action sequences are as good as you want to see, the civil war of an unarmed African country thieving for their freedom. It is the closest apocalypse that we are about to witness in this century. Beasts of no nation It will change the concept of old rivalries related to Africa. beasts of no nation is a special effort.

9.Fyre Festival

beasts of no nation movies
beasts of no nation movies

Whatever you want to be whoever you be, but we all have a lust side. That will be fulfilled in the Fyre Festival the documentary will let you know what happened with some of the people accounts. The scenario which makes it happened on the island and please watch this thriller.



Just keep silent because our very own Batman the Bruce Wayne is now on Netflix Yes!. The 2008 record-breaker is now in the house just go and watch this warner bros sensation. The Batman series is always a genuine entertainer so be a true fan and play it Guys. IMDB rating is 9\10

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