Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Prime Minister Imran khan

Imran needs faith

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme: Prime Minister Imran Khan formally launches scheme. The authority will be operational in 3 months. Govt won’t be involved in construction but just facilitate private sector who will construct.

An initial survey is being conducted before construction. Special data is being gathered about Katchi abaadi (slums). Even just in Karachi, 40% of the land comprises of Katchi abaadi PM IK.The Pm Imran khan said that nation should have faith on his team.

“I assure you I will resolve all these issues. I want my people to stay calm and have trust in me” asks Prime Minister Imran Khan”.

NADRA will also be consulted for data gathering. Before scheme authority’s formation, a 17 member task force will be formed. The pilot project for registeration for this scheme will be initiated in 7 districts PM IK.And He (pm) said that naya Pakistan housing athourity will going its own stuff for the society and we will end the dark era of Nation.


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