Quaid e Azam and Nawaz Sharif Two sides of a coin

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Quaid e Azam and Nawaz Sharif Two Sides of a Coin:

The 2 Giants of Sub-continents history born on the same date 25th December both do have their class and aspects to follow and yes different personalities. Different ora to understand this and that of politics Quaid e Azam a one-man army who believed himself.

Nawaz Sharif is known for his mutual understandings of how to sort out issues of both sides. There is a problem that 3 times prime minister was always been blackmailed by the establishment. They never let him go beyond his skills to help the Pakistani Nation go up and over.

But there is a thing that in Pakistan politicians were always been treated like treason very. There is no respect for politicians by the establishment they want to play with them always.

So, if we just look back about Quaid e Azam’s time he was the one giving the shut up call to the establishment. He was the first person to stand tall against these un-related people. According to Quaid, there is no window for the Army to disturb the elected govt for their own needs and purposes. AnyHow know maybe Nawaz has decided he will follow Quaid’s path. Also Read, Quaid e Azam a Father of a Lost Generation

Nawaz Sharif’s Love Life and Quaid e Azam’s Love journey:

Quaid e Azam was always been a handsome, hot, Attractive, Smart, Gorgeous personality among the women of that time. The Great Mr. Jinnah married twice in his life with gorgeous ladies like RatanBai, Embidabai, Ratanbai was quiet younger then Quaid e Azam but his dilemma attracted her so badly that at the age of 19 she decided to get marry with the man of Honor. Quaid e Azam has been a charming personality with a gentle smile on his face.

On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif was different in his feelings sharing. He married Kulsoom Nawaz As we told you in our previous article. Nawaz Sharif likes to share his thoughts with poetry and some very generous quotes.

Both fathers were Businessmen:

Yes! Mian Sharif the Father of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Ponjha Jinnah the Father of Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Both Fathers were Businessmen but Mian Sharif was a tycoon at his era. On the Other side, Ponjha Jinnah was not that kind of a business tycoon. Of course, there were so many business restrictions by the British Govt at that time.


Quaid e Azam is just one and he can never be replaced by anyone. But here is a thing that we should acknowledge the good deeds of Nawaz Sharif, as he was trying his best to follow the footpaths of great Mr. Jinnah. No one is perfect we all are perfectly imperfect people in our standings. We always Admire and love Muhammad Ali Jinnah but we Also need to stop manipulating things. Nawaz was our 3 times elected prime minister, he should be respected not like The Quaid e Azam but as a soldier of Quaid.


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