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Home News Nawaz Sharif and Kulsoom Nawaz The Untold Love story

Nawaz Sharif and Kulsoom Nawaz The Untold Love story

Nawaz Sharif and Kulsoom Nawaz:

The topic may be a bit weird or unorthodox but true stories can’t be that film type. Some characters do have their own aspect to shown so as these two Nawaz Sharif and Kulsoom Nawaz. It was the early 70’s when the 3 times prime minister was a happy go lucky boy of a business tycoon Mian Sharif. He was spending his days like any other boy or a young man. Unless until he saw Kulsoom Nawaz in the walled city, the grace, the smile, the shadow was epic to crush Nawaz’s heart her eyes stole Nawaz. He was done and dusted by the uniqueness of that desi girl.

He was just feeling new that emotion was creating sounds in his ears drumming a tone making him smile. Nawaz knew straight away he is in some kind of new era of his aimless life. And the boy who was more than happy to spend his life in Government College and Lahore Gymkhana playing cricket was ready for something. That one thing which was going to change his life. Also, read How National and International Media Looking at Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman’s Dharna?

Who knew that Sharif will be the Identity of This Land who knew that romantic soul will be the Prime minister of state after meeting the woman of his life. She was courage for Sharif as the time goes on Lahories were coming closer and closer.

The Girl from a wrestler background was just going to knock out Sharif ( Gamma Pehalwan was Kulsoom’s Grand Father). Yeah, they say some souls do meet without any reason to meet to define new era new dimensions to unleash.

Nawaz Sharif was just thriving to marry the love of his life in the early 71 when his industries were falling down in Pakistan and factories in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) were under a new government and Sharif family was maybe about to bankrupt.

Nawaz who was having a meeting with some establishment people at that time due to his father’s instructions was not even feeling good in front of those 4-star generals. Because Love can’t make you feel normal in such situations, it is the wildest feeling in the world which was cursing badly to the 3 times prime minister. The Sharif wanted to meet Kulsoom and share his helpless situation with her.

Nawaz was remembering that time when on the event of Basant. Mian saw her on the roof those eyes those killer eyes he was thinking and generals were sharing their helpless condition to Nawaz. That they cannot help his family to recover their assets from Bangladesh because it is not possible and Nawaz was smiling (thinking about his future wife).

I hope you liked it and if you do please let us know we will write the next episode for you as soon as possible. Yes it is maybe different for you but something better than nothing :P.

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.
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