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Naeem ul Haq Lost The Long Battle Against Cancer

Battle Against Cancer Victim Naeem Ul Haq:

The founding member of the PTI (Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf) is no more now. The Naeem ul Haq died 15 Feb 2020 in the Local Hospital of Karachi. He was suffering from Killer disease for a while. Pakistan lost a senior Politician who was loyal to his party and Imran Khan. Naeem ul Haq was 70 years old and was the most vocal voice from PTI there were many occasions when he thrashed his opponents in the live show.

PM Imran Khan Reacted on Naeem Ul Haq’s Death:

In his Recent Tweets, the Prime Minister of Pakistan showed sorrow and his pain for his loyal and oldest friend Mr. Naeem ul Haq.

The Pm Said “Am devastated by one of my oldest friend Naeem’s passing. He was one of the 10 founding members of PTI & by far the most loyal. In 23 yrs of PTI’s trials & tribulations, he stood by me. He was always there for support whenever we were at our lowest ebb,”.

“In the last two years, I saw him battle cancer with courage and optimism. Till the very end, he was involved in Party affairs and attended cabinet meetings as long as he was able. His passing has left an irreplaceable void.”

We Hope PTI would inhale the pain and grief they have to face through all this. Cancer was really affecting him because he was not taking the precautions that seriously which were required in that stage. Naeem was doing that all the hard work for his Party and Govt there were moments where he could leave the party but he fought like a true person. Pakistani Politics will miss him he was really a gem of a guy full of heart and charm on his face.

Prime Ministers Special Assistant:

He worked so hard as the Prime Ministers Special Assistant his things were in order related to information gathering and sharing. Naeem was a Banker turned politician in 1996 devoted his life’s 23 years to Imran and PTI. The 70 years old Naeem ul Haq was deeply in love with her late wife in an interview while talking about her he really started crying “I really miss her she was the lady of my I can not forget her till I die” he quoted and maybe he would feel easy now he can meet her again up there.

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
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