Munir Akram Replaces Maleeha Lodhi

Yes Imran Khan's Speech at the UN was something really fascinating to make feel proud

Munir Akram The Controversial Diplomat:

The old boy is back again to represent Pakistan in the UN assembly. As the current Pm of Pakistan Imran khan Niazi replaces Maleeha Lodhi and changed his team formation altogether. Munir Akram does have a bad image in the U.S because there are some pros and cons in his personality. He is the top diplomat from Pakistan to chant in the U.N but he was never been too good in his personal life. Munir Akram did assault her girlfriend in 2003. As it was reported by her in the police station. He loves doing parties and drinking all those against Islam things but yeah he is the man for Imran khan yet. What about speech at the un assembly of course game-changer Imran Khan’s Speech.

Diplomat Munir akram under radar
Munir Akram should face the music

Imran Khan’s Speech At The UN Assembly:

Yes Imran Khan’s Speech at the UN was something really fascinating to make feel proud of him making them feel high at top of the world. Like he is the man who will turn the tables for Pakistan at any condition. Imran Khan’s Speech At The UN Assembly was full of facts and correct punch lines which will hurt India for a long time. But did Khan done the right thing? changing Maleeha Lodhi and asking Munir Akram for a monger scene in the UN. Maleeha Lodhi no doubt done her job in a good manner never let Pakistan down. She was also Halal.e.Imtiaz. There are some counterparts between the two Diplomats biggest will be the attitude.  Maleeha Lodhi is a calm personality never rush whether Munir Akram 74 years old is a man who wants to rush hard at you. Also, Click here and read the last Article 

Imran Khan's Speech Maleeha lodhi, Munir akram
It will be a big ask relief for Maleeha Lodhi. Khan’s Speech at the un assembly was her last mission which is completed.


Akram is A War Monger?

Well, many say yes because of his past. He always wants to dominate the other side against him with hard and harsh language. Munir Akram is an extremist mind his history in the U.S is quite abusive though. His Ex-Girlfriend reportedly said that when Munir is drunk he is a wild animal. She was abused by Munir Akram sexually and also harassed her badly. The U.S will come hard at him so it will be interesting battle in the U.N between the countries.

Maleeha Lodhi Would be Disappointed:

Lodhi was the face of Pakistan in the United Nation for quite a long time as she represented Pakistani quite good and effective. She did put up Pakistan’s point of view on Kashmir brilliantly as Imran Khan himself praised her for her hard work and bluntness.

Foreign Office and Diplomats are just a joke?

It is a worthwhile question now what Indian media portraying and showing that PTI’s policies are really letting down Pakistan’s side in different aspects of the ministry. Now this rapid change no Idea what so ever no logic behind this rapid change. But yes that’s what Khan demands from everyone. He always wants to go with a pinch hitter, not a full-fledge batsman up on the order.  But guys Speech at the un assembly by Khan was fantastic because he knows how to speak up. What about practical work? Speech at the un assembly by khan was fantastic please note this answer it will reduce your pain or else use burnol cream :P.



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