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Home Sports Lahore Qalandar Face of PSL| Will Lahore Makes Difference This time

Lahore Qalandar Face of PSL| Will Lahore Makes Difference This time

Will Lahore Qalandar Win?

Well for Lahore Qalandar fans it is much better news because this time the XI has been better than the previous teams. They have some better planning this with some extreme aggression in the Lahore team they are quite keen for this year’s PSL. So there is this time some chances that Sohail Akhtar will take them through in the PSL.

As Aqib Javed talked to media in the balcony of Lahore Qalandars Head Quarter with a smiling face Javed said that” We are well balanced this year and Haris Rauf is in front of you shinning charm of Lahore Qalandar”. He told that it is much easier for us this full of Pace Battery Shaheen Shah and Haris will bang the show this season. But the thing is that isn’t Lahore Qalandar showing a bit optimistic behaviour through their so many unorthodox things.

Lahore Qalandar Face of PSL:

Well, some say Yes Lahore Qalandar is the face of PSL because they do some nice things until the big stage sets. All the year they put up something original through their players and Yeah Awesome Owner MR. Rana Fawad.

The Fawad Rana
Face of Lahore Qalandar the owner of This team the big lad Fawad Rana

The Flavor of Lahore through Fawad Rana is really overwhelming. Qalandars do praise it with pride that they have that X-Factor in them they can showcase some class through that They are Face of PSL some way. Also Read, Is PSL Fixed?| Is PSL a Success?| PSL Stories of Lust

Is Lahore Qalandar a Famous Franchise?

Yes, no doubt about this one tho because there are millions of fans they own Lahore side with real passion and so much love for the Punjabi Side. The Capital of Punjab is so lucky and full of colors in so many orders. And there is a reason to it also because they say ” You can leave Lahore but Lahore will never leave you”. If this term is true than Lahore Qalandar also the most loved and famous Franchise in the PSL.

Is Lahore Qalandar a Balance Team?

They have a strong opening pair with some stylish middle-order who have the bits of strong zones to show the other Franchisees. But here is one thing that they have a new Captain Sohail Akhtar he will lead the Central Punjab based team. But Who Knows he will bring it home for the Qalandars in the PSLV 2020. In fact, he did captain Lahore in the Dubai tournament in 2019 and got the glory at that time. Will he be able to do this in a big arena this time lets wait and watch hold your popcorns tighten up your seat belts and watch the show. Psl vs BBL| Psl vs BPL| Psl vs Cpl| Psl vs T20 Blast| Psl vs Ipl


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