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kashmir with India Issue Solution in Current Situation

Kashmir with India Current Situation:

It is more than half a year since India started the crisis in Kashmir. The People of Kashmir are suffering so badly they’re nothing to feel happy for them. The world is playing its card to avoid the conflict of interest with India because Kashmir with India current situation is now a curse. The curse of owning the land of beauty and humanity India thinks that they can alter the greatness of Kashmir. But It is not that easy to manipulate the people of mountains and lakes.  They do have the courage to face and play this innings as long as India wants to pursue the dirty politics.

There should be a realization That Kashmir with India current situation is not a big problem for Kashmiris. They are hardcore people they know how to survive the brutality. Kashmir with India current Situation is a Nuclear flashpoint full of the heap to unleash the new era of lust. The three nuclear neighbors of Kashmir and they suppose to own the land. Pakistan, China, and India we have to realize that Pakistan and China are not friends they are basically partners. And India with the USA is the enemy of Pakistan and China in the recent issue of Kashmir with India current situation. No one wants to step down it’s all about power games in the region for the big guns of Asia. They just want to prove a point that Kashmir with India current situation is the biggest deal then poverty and hungriness. 

Kashmir issue Solution:

There are so many options for the Kashmir issue solution if the countries related to the crisis step down and own the fact that Kashmiris are humans too. If Kashmiris want to get rid of India then it’s their right to say that and if they want to get engaged with Pakistan then India should respect the Kashmiri point. But it is a probability there are some voices that Kashmir issue solution is that they should be an independent state. Where they can live freely with their own ideology and own legacy to follow. 

Independent Kashmir with a free soul to fly where ever it goes around the globe to glorify the class and culture of Kashmir. But Kashmir Issue solution is not acceptable to India and also in some sense china. The territory of Ladakh is so much important to China.

There is a probability of Kashmir issue solution is that Kashmir can be shared in three different parts with India, China, Pakistan. So the three nuclear powers can enjoy the fragrance of Kashmir. It is really a pity for the sacrifice of Kashmiris if it has to be done like that. You got to realize the charm of the land the hangover of Kashmiri rivers, lakes and so many natural things. There has to be a better Kashmir issue solution than cutting the cake into three pieces. 

Kashmir Stands with India?

So the answer to this nonsense joke is no Kashmir never stands with India. Until they recognize them as humans and accept their dignity and ideology. Because the biggest weapon of Kashmiris is their Ideology since the partition of the Subcontinent. They just adored their Ideology Kashmir can’t stand with India it will be a humiliation to their cause of Freeness and courage for the vendetta in the blood of the Kashmiri Nation. 

Kashmiris has to realize one thing is that no one can help them until they devote the last feel of their heart towards the Independent land or a separate home for them. It should be their time to show cards to the Super Powers of the world that no one is bigger than an Ideological nation full of Islam. Kashmir is not with India not on a single deal. The decision should be from the victim’s side to enhance the legitimacy concern the un-concerned. 

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.


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