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Home News Karachi's Startup shortlisted for the Edtech Prize in Dubai

Karachi’s Startup shortlisted for the Edtech Prize in Dubai

Sabaq a Hope from City of Lights

There is a saying that Karachi is a city of opportunities if you have the talent and the heart. Things will alter for you these all sayings are just too perfect for Sabaq from Karachi. The tech startup has done something which is very proud full for all of us. Sabaq has been nominated for the prize for the best new startup in the education sector.

Next Billion Edtech

What is this edtech?. It is about the use and the changing in education sector depending and applying on technology. Education with technology jamming things to the next level. The ethical practice and facilitating learning by creating, improving, managing, appropriate technological processes. It is all we do need to know about education with the context of technology. The program held in Dubai to revolutionize things. 30 edtech startups presented their ideas in the program. Where Sabaq is in the finals where they will compete with 6 other startups we hope for the best for them. The winner will earn the billions, live audience and judges will be seeing them presenting their ideas.

The Idea and Concept of Sabaq

The Ceo and the Co-founder of Sabaq Hasan bin Rizwan highlighted that how storytelling and digital content is instrumental for kids. He said that sabaq will change and revolutionized the education system in Pakistan. Their teamwork is the basic thing in their success. Pakistan the rich soil on earth have so much to offer. The startup aims for change in Pakistan regarding education. The CEO told the news agency that education for us is about fun. We will rock the future because that is what we aim for. This startup will make things more clear and defined in the education system.

Power of Storytelling

This art is what we need to make big because this is where the world is laking we can make so much great things with our imaginations. The strong concepts and imaginations are the basics of the new era so the Startup may have done that. Don’t forget to like, share and comment and subscribe to our website for more great content. Rise Pakistani


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