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Is Imran Khan Govt at Risk?| Imran Khan Cabinet| Fawad Ch & Murad Saeed

Is Imran Khan Govt at Risk?

There is always a thought process that is there any twist in the tale for the current govt of Pakistan?. The Imran Khan is at risk on many counters he has to prove the dilemma of a Prime minister which is still missing. Is Imran Khan Govt at Risk is a state astonishing question to be answered. Imran khan the most powerful man of Pakistan today is still not that powerful to ask those powerful authorities, what is happening with me?. He can not even bring the tsunami of anything related to poverty, education, Mafia’s the corrupts. It was all faked scenarios from Imran Khan Govt’s side.

You can not preach the same lesson in every class you have to change the overview of your subject. Imran Khan Govt is still showing the same cards which were wrong since day one. So in this regard, it was quite obvious that the establishment will talk with the old horses. The Bajwa doctrine revisiting its terms after the extension syrup. There are some rumors around that he will meet Nawaz Sharif in London with Goc Okara General Asif Ghafoor. That will be a response of friendship for a better cause. So, Yes Imran Khan Govt is at risk now after the reunion of old dogs.

Imran Khan Cabinet:

Basically it was Imran Khan Cabinet which made this process completed so quickly. They were not behaving well with the opposition so as Imran himself. Trying to play the same blame game to avoid the real issues of the land you can not play with the god it is real ambiguity to sort out. The Imran Khan Cabinet was claiming they done Nawaz sharif and it is written on the wall that no one will conquer them for the next 10 years. But Imran Khan Cabinet was wrong and living in a fool’s paradise.

The Power distributors have never been optimistic since the partition of Pakistan into two pieces. It was all hell for the current Govt of Pakistan the newborn babies are fighting for some pride and glory but Sugar and Wheat crisis are thinking to drown them with their titanic. This regime is no longer in trend it was like a wind of no clue.  The ministers are fighting each other on twitter proving their champ abilities.

Fawad Ch & Murad Saeed:

In this article, it is really important to understand these two characters of Imran Khan Cabinet. They were always in scandals and other immoral activities. Murad Saeed the special piece of cake for ISPR as he enforces some information through the Department. Murad is really an annoying person in Pakistani Politics he is trying to create a new trend of abusive politics. On the other hand Fawad Ch the man who is always trying to manufacture his own class without any contribution in Science and technology. Fawad Ch the Jhelum lad is always been spotted hitting and abusing the journalists who were always big fans of Imran Khan and PTI.

Any way Fawad Ch & Murad Saeed are the two characters of our society which we can not neglect. It is really sad to know that Pakistan is full of these characters. Will they answer what they have done in their respective ministries. Pakistan deserves better Govt, also Pakistan deserves better establishment with a big heart that can absorb criticism.

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.


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