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Interview for IB (IntelligenceBureau) GD07 GD011 OM07 OM11

Interview for IB (Intelligence Bureau):

As we all know the Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan every year or so conducts an entrance test for new job acquires in the Department. NTS heads the written test and this year’s result has been already out people are searching for the interview call. So there is some related news to it.

What is the Date of Interview for IB?

So there were related rumors for that sake on many social media Apps. In this regard, the news is that the interview for IB will be conducted until the 1st week of March 2020. So everyone out there you should gear up for IB interview till this march’s first week. And according to our resources, it is final by the department that they will hold the IB interview in this month of fragrance. So, now the question is who will be called for the interview?.

  • Candidates more than 60% marks and cleared running test
  • They check the NTS site regularly every week
  • They are aware of the situation building regarding the test. 

Let’s see about the rank following are the posts candidates will be interviewed.

Note: Their percentage is also written down.

  1. GD07: The percentage needed for this post is 60%
  2. GD011: The percentage needed for this post is 63%
  3. OM07: The percentage needed for this post is 60%
  4. OM11: The percentage needed for this post is 65%
  5. Stenotypist: The percentage needed for this post is 60%
  6. Computer operator
  7. Mali
  8. Cook
  9. Drivers: Rest of them are 60%            Also read, Sikh Referendum 2020 for Khalistan| Petition news T Shirt

What is a Psychometric test? Will, it held for IB posts?

The Answer to this question is no!. The psychometric test will not gonna happen more important is that they will arrange a chair for the psychiatrist in the Interview. So, the IB interview will be conducted in the presence of a psychiatrist who will judge you in the IB Interview. Now, you have to be ready on your mark to face the music related to you I.Q and to the point punch lines.

What is GD07|GD11? What does GD mean?

For the candidates who are about to enroll in this post somethings are necessary to know. GD means General duty officer yeah its sounds really fascinating tho. In this post, you have to perform different tasks for the IB department. Whether it is standing tall whole day or sitting on a chair knocking pens around. And surely that’s what GD (general duty) is all about you have to do anything what department orders you.

What is OM7|OM11? What does OM mean?

OM means official management and yes you can say that it is quite close to GD post. The post is related to clerk job and other office stuff. In this job or post, you have to be more sophisticated towards the department. You should remain loyal to the cause of the things related to it.


If you had applied for the Stenotypist job your hands should react according to your will on the paper. Shorthand expert with some sharp clicks to write the words accurately. So nothing to worry about other stuff just be natural and do the things.

Computer Operator for IB:

The candidate should be an expert in Microsoft office, excel, knows how to mail how to check the spam other stuff related to sharing online files. He/She should know how to adjust the given paragraph or rough lines to avoid ambiguity related to the official department stance. In fact, it is more important that he/she should operate their computer in a neat manner. For that sake hands on the keyboard and mind on the screen is the basic key.

Another job so as Mali, cook, drivers should be more delightful in their respected professions. And remind you that it is easier for you guys to be in the IB department.

So, Now the Most Important part of this article is that from where they will hire people.

The following are the regions of Pakistan with some quota.

  • Punjab
  • Sindh
  • KPK
  • Balochistan
  • G.B (Gilgit Baltistan)

How IB (Intelligence Bureau) works:

The IB department works under the vision or wellness of Prime minister of Pakistan. The interior minister holds the main logistics of IB and IB directly responds to Interior minister and to the Prime minister of Pakistan. The services of IB for Pakistan are infinite they have done many targets. The Department has faced so many casualties regarding counter and terrorism. So, in the end, we all should feel proud to work for the integrity of the Green land Pakistan. 🙂 



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