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International and National Women Day 2020| Women Rights and Feminism

International Women’s Day 2020:

The Prestigious name the prestigious day but the wrong ideology for a good cause whether it is from the UN or from any other internationally recognized organization. There is always been a debate for women’s rights with all the legitimate equality slogans with no collateral buildup for anyone. It is always been a double standard formula from these so-called human rights activists to provoke their thoughts for their own sake.

It is not that difficult to give a woman the identity to live in this hungry world. The woman can define her character through her deeds. It should be their choice to give a shout to the world that “I will stand for it I will make it big not this so-called International women’s day”. A woman can turn the tables around if she has those guts to be the crazy violent Lioness she will draw a line for her rights and for her men’s rights who are standing around her shoulders.

So, we need to set some standards if we talk about women’s rights.

  • Islam’s philosophy for women
  • Women’s Property rights
  • Marriage and Love Life
  • Physical and mental torture
  • Women’s Fashion sense
  • Approach Towards Unknown People

These are some of the main standards we need to understand while we talk about the International women’s day 2020 this time. It should not be to dis-respect anyone or to manipulate their things in personal interest we should purely build it correctly and affectionately if we talk about women’s theme.

National Women’s Day 2020 (In Pakistan):

So all the stubborn and full of drama queens start chanting on the roads for women’s rights just showing their stupid logics with some really un-sorted banners in their hands making fun of Islamic culture. It does not make any sense if we talk about this Ideology the feminist is not a serious term at all. It has nothing to deal with women’s oriented domain it is all planted situations. With zero outcomes through it only just ensuring some trends on twitter and some Facebook likes and some Insta followers to get.

Women day in Pakistan
Nothing to deal with reality all planted drama with no solutions

Drama all around
Hypocrisy all its peak with nothing to show how keen we are to sort this issue out

What is this #EachforEqual?:

It is basically to empower the Females parallel to Males’ slogan is very nice and quiet mouth opener but the application behind is horrific nothing is proven through this all wild blunt statements. We got to set down and think as a nation did we ever judge who is playing this game of cheap fame in this society. Why we never talk about all the world. There are so many girls and women who are paying their bills and other expenses by selling their bodies in front of so many men. Is this her choice? yes, it is her choice but we put her in that cage to do the things in that way. This Billion dollar fashion industry is running just because of women. If just for one day it gets down many Millionaires would die in that pain of losing money just because of women. Women need to rethink their responsibilities and deeds and it can only happen through following Islam’s rules and regulations for the women. There is no concept of Dowry in Islam in fact Islam gave the rights to the women that they can take Heirship. Now the point is this we should respect women it is the best creation by Allah. The soft heart and polite behavior is the symbol sign of Ladies.

Each for equal
Feminism a swine with full of nonsense and themeless theme

Feminism a Swine:

The biggest flop film in this world is this world Feminism and feminists just playing the blame game with males. To ensure that they will sell their own salt every time. The woman should stand with her man that is the thing it will be the slap on the faces of masses provoking and barking with no legacy to setup. As a Muslim nation and the Follower of MUHAMMAD(SAW),  we should admit the basic point. The Woman is a precious thing and the most beautiful also. She should not stand on the road it is not her place she does not even deserve this.

Without any doubt, Islam is the Perfect religion for women’s rights. It’s up to you if you are a Muslim or not but the Ideology of Islam for women is the best in this world. Any Feminist can not define the rights of a beautiful creation Allah knows it better what is good for a lady. Feminism a swine is not just a term its the biggest fact of this century and we should believe it as soon as it is possible.

Things to Understand :

Allah gave superiority to Men but also women got that power of saying No openly and bluntly it’s her biggest right through Islam. Allah gave women that big advantage she can shout for it but not it unethical manner. The thing is very easy if we just put our hands down and start recognizing our jobs it will be much easier for us to get rid of this Feminiser trauma. Allah blesses us all and makes us better humans so we can think in the right direction. Anyway, be the men of your Honor and for women never compromise on your dignity and self-respect.

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.


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