Hasan Ali getting Married? all you need to know

There are rumors about mirza family to have him as son-in-Law

Hasan Ali Getting Married?

The fast bowler who was running the show since his start is now thinking about the next innings. Hasan Ali who is generally very outspoken and quite aggressive in thoughts. But still, now there is no big news related to. But we got something for you as his family is not agreed with his decision to get marry with mirza family’s daughter. Hasan Ali’s family is really forcing him to not get marry with anyone out of the country. Because Hasan’s family is quite a desi family. They usually don’t believe in such things let’s see what are Hasan’s attentions now.

Who is this Mirza Family:

Yes, we will tell you about it as we believe in real and hard truth. As we all know our very own Shoaib malik got married to Sania mirza and they have a baby too they live in Dubai. So, it is all set that Sania mirza’s sister and Shoaib malik’s sister in law Anam Mirza is the one Hasan will marry soon. She is a fashion designer and a gorgeous lady with a beautiful heart. We just have to wait and see if these things are real and very much on song. Anam Mirza was also in news with ex Indian team Captain Muhammad Azharuddin’s son Asad they were dating last year. Sania mirza the tennis queen it will be amazing to know her point on that. Sania Mirza is a real champ as we all know about her. Shoaib Malik is the pride of Pakistan.

IS Anam Mirza Divorced?

Yes, the cute Indian lady was got married last in 2015 and which ended on a bad nod. The marriage lasts for 2 years and now she is single but may be ready to mingle. Shoiab Malik should talk about this and let his fans know what are the grounds about the couple marriage.

Why is Hasan Ali not saying anything?

Normally that’s what our stars do we have a rich history related to it. When Mohsin Hasan khan got married in India, Wasim Akram’s Australian venture. You name it and it is there for you we hope our generator will have love of his life he is our jolly boy.


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