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Home Business Dubai Expo 2020 Glory against CoronaVirus| Dubai's Global Celebrations

Dubai Expo 2020 Glory against CoronaVirus| Dubai’s Global Celebrations

What is the Main Idea of Dubai Expo2020?

The main Idea according to which this has been set up is the encouragement of tourism and business in Uae. The vision 2021 is the base behind it with full of open stance related to new and free Dubai. Opportunities for every skillful human whether he or she was always neglected before but now you will show the world how capable you are.  So, in simple terms, This will help your dreams to get fulfill if you are passionate about your work. This is the time to go and knock out the world.

The Expo Dubai2020
Its all about Dubai and its terms to rule the market with its domain

What is going to happen in Dubai Expo2020?

It is going to be big and un-explainable this time by the Arabs. The Ruler of Dubai already quoted that “Astonish the world” means they are going to make it really hardcore this time to unleash the new dimensions of business and tourism for the middle easts heart. It is not just a statement by the Ruler because more than 277000 jobs will be unlocked. And that also means Manpower for Dubai will enhance twice or thrice times more.

That will be a dose of 40billion$ build up in the economy of Dubai and not only that it also will boost the tourism more than 100 million for the city of lights. It is a win-win situation for Dubai no doubt about that.

The Expo Dubai2020
The Uae show will be the main query to sort out in the next 2 years the 2020 Expo

What is the Effect of CoronaVirus on Dubai Expo2020?

The world’s biggest event in all terms is all set to get going in the near future. But CoronaVirus has already created chaos for the authorities of expo because they cannot bear anything. The reputation of the city and the state is on stake right now they are playing safe and not giving any open statement related to the exhibition. As the Spokesperson of the exhibition speaks and told the media about the current pros and cons.

“The health and wellbeing of everyone living in and visiting the UAE is our top priority and will not be compromised. Like many governments around the world, the UAE authorities have taken robust preventative measures to contain the rapid spread of the virus”. It was then quite a balanced statement by some of the stakeholders of the Expo. They are trying to navigate the visitors if they can see off the current mess.

CoronaVirus and Dubai2020
Will CoronaVirus would be a curse for the middle east. It will be a big scene if it would go on and on

How CoronaVirus will Affect Dubai Expo2020?

There will be more than 150+ countries visitors there in Dubai and that is really big if coronavirus will exist till October. Because October to April is bigger than anything for Dubai they cannot let Corona dictate them that way. The officials are thinking and trying to apply some of the ideas so that they can counter the coronavirus attack. The heart of Arabs must conquer it otherwise it is going to be done and dusted for them.

How Can Someone go to Dubai Expo2020?

Just go to the metro station if you are a visitor and trying to discover it in your way. They are extending the route and it will be just a token to get in the Metro and step in Exhibition. But if you borrow a taxi it will cost you in fact taxis are expensive in Dubai so try to use the metro if you are there in the expo :).

What is the Price of Tickets in Dubai Expo2020?

If you are an adult than it will cost you 33$ having said that the organizers told on media that “you can take a three days pass which will cost you 71$” and the Expo will shine for 173 days constantly.

Is Dubai going to become a Ghost town?

No way it will never happen again in Dubai after the Expo 2020. The dimensions of the city will change altogether there will be a flood of humans in the mall’s tourism will go wild. They will boss the world after Expo 2020 things will become bigger after this for Dubai.

What is Going to happen After Expo2020 in Dubai?

There is a debate now that which is the global city with world-class infrastructure if Exhibition goes as the doctor ordered than Dubai will be the main hub of all the supreme activities. One thing is for sure is that there will be no hunger after this in Dubai.

What Happens in Expo?

Basically it is all about interacting cultures to enhance the feasibility of new dimensions to explore. There is always a sense of perfectionism therefore these Exhibitions are the bridges to get engaged. But This 2020 is something else full of Awesome stuff and special encounters.

Why Dubai Expo 2020 is Important?

It is the celebration of Uae’s vision 2021 what is all about sustainability and mobility of the economy. It is a turning point for the betterment of the middle east which will define the class of super deserts.

What are the Pros and Cons in Dubai?

  • You should know that Dubai is an Islamic land you can not follow western style. should respect Islamic Sharia Law.
  • You should Dress properly and respectfully.
  • You can take Taxis at your hotel for the nightclub.
  • Your shoes should remain outside if you visit anyone’s home
  • Volvic and Evian there for you drink tap water.
  • Hey! be careful while crossing roads.
  • Remember do not mess or misbehave with Emirate women.
  • Never think of wearing a swimming suit away from the beach or pool.
  • Kissing or doing any naked things in public is strictly prohibited. Do not think of doing any affection stuff in public.
  • Never lose your temper.
  • Taking photographs of Govt buildings is not allowed in Dubai.
  • While doing shopping do bargain.
  • Drinking and eating in Ramadan is strictly not allowed.
  • Hey! and do not even think of taking drugs.

    Is Expo 2020 is going to be a Success?

Yes, It will be a huge success if it happens as it is visualized. We hope it will open a whole new concept of business and trading in the 21st century. Where boundaries will not determine the development of the land. Everyone should be open to all the luxuries one can think about its a right to achieve.

What will happen in Dubai after the Expo2020?

It is really an important question to answer. What will happen afterward is going to be a new era for Uae and no one will get bankrupt if that goes as planned. Dubai has already been the trendsetter for the world to maximize its civic sense to ensure another step towards glory. All the stakeholders are on their toes to make it worlds the biggest Expo so that it could gear the heart of the middle east.

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