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Culinary Skills for Local Food

Culinary Skills Free Course (Child Nutrition)

Now when things are gone shutdown people are having serious issues regarding their children’s diet and food. This course is about the health of the Child to minimize vulnerability.


Farm to school is the practice of connecting schools and early care education settings with local food producers with the objectives of serving local,  healthy foods in school cafeterias. It is about helping the soil to generate the organic minerals for the coming generation.


  • 2-3 weeks

Time Commitment

  • 2-3 Hrs per week


  • Self Paced


  • Introductory


  • Rise Pakistani’s Certificate

Your I.D

What you will learn in this Course?

  1. What is Farm to school?
  2. Why do Culinary Skills matter?
  3. Knife Skills
  4. Batch Cooking for maintaining Quality
  5. Preparing Fresh Vegetables

1st Week

“First of all, let’s discuss the Farm to school. What is it and why there is so much noise about it on the western side of the world following are the slides”.

Farm to School(F2s)

Now Let’s talk about culinary skills, every kitchen with some rough and tough situations but here we go now.

Culinary Skills

And this is about Knife Skills the most unorthodox job in the world let’s see what we can learn about it.

Knife Skills

2nd Week

What is Batch Cooking here we go?

Batch Cooking The Kitchen Basic

The dilemma of making fresh and hot food for your meal.

Preparing Fresh Vegetables

That’s all for you in the 2nd-week mates 🙂 


Remember that we will add stuff in every 24 hrs or so, so please browse once a day 🙂

Note: Please take screenshots of the given slides and send them on [email protected] that will be your assignment thank you.

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.
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