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Home News Local News Coronavirus and Lockdown in Pakistan| Will Pakistan survive?

Coronavirus and Lockdown in Pakistan| Will Pakistan survive?

CoronaVirus in Pakistan

CoronaVirus in Punjab

We should know that Punjab is the main hub of Agriculture for Pakistan. The majority of the food requirements get fulfilled through the province. But now due to lockdown and quarantine, the season of wheat is at risk now. Things are getting worst day by day for the farmers because everything is at stake for them right now. The harvesting got to be started in the 2nd or 3rd week of March. But this Quarantine and lockdown are cursing the poor farmers of rich Punjab. We will discuss the current situation related to coronavirus and lockdown in the cities of Punjab.

CoronaVirus in Lahore

The Heart of Pakistan and the lifeline of Punjab Lahore is under imminent threat of COVID-19. Which will harm the Lahore city quite strong if it stays for more 2 weeks. The Coronavirus is really asking some serious questions to Lahoris. Right now their living style is already changed because they never want to stay at home. It is not in their genes at all to spend 24 hours in one place.  Really tiring tho for the residents of Lahore due to Corona attack. There are chances that there will be more than 200 cases are waiting to get positive. Moreover, Lahore Cantt is the red zone for covid19.

CoronaVirus in Multan

The city of sophism is having a tough time but the people of Multan should not get worried because there are fewer cases of covid19 in Multan. But that does not mean they just leave all the precautions the situation is still critical for the southern Punjab city. They need to minimize their activities as soon as possible.

CoronaVirus in Gujranwala

Gujranwala people always really nice if you spend time with them. And you will feel that they don’t care about the rest of the world. They have their own root and lifestyle to follow. Coronavirus really damaged all the labels of Gujranwala residents. They were never been in that type of condition before in their history.

The biggest problem they facing is that they can not take their special breakfast from the market. If you are from Gujranwala our sympathies with you in this regard. Having said that they are not having serious damage because of corona this is relaxing in fact.

CoronaVirus in Rawalpindi

The happiest and the trend changer city of Punjab the Pindi is not flourishing due to quarantine and lockdown. The Rawalpindi or should I  Say Pindi people never stepdown in any condition but this time they are having a curfew. Things are not that good for Rawalpindi there are serious question marks on the safety of Pindi people. Because Rawalpindi had a history of rumors and unlawful deeds. Some areas of Rawalpindi are completely shut down and they are supposed to be the red zones of Coronavirus.

CoronaVirus in Sindh

The 2nd most populated province of Great Pakistan is Sindh. The first victim province of Coronavirus in Pakistan Sindh Govt was the first who stood right in front of the Coronavirus and went hard at it. Sindh performed well initially but now they are losing their momentum gradually they need to buckle up quickly. Also read, Caronavirus Symptoms causes 2020 Challenge Is It going to change World map?

CoronaVirus in Karachi

The first patient of Covid19 in Pakistan was reported in Karachi. Since then they tried very hard to minimize the attack but coronavirus not holding it back. Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan they cannot let it go like that more. They have to determine what they can do with that Covid19 swine.

CoronaVirus in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is having some unrealistic issues related to corona so many misguided information related to deaths. But the thing which is different in Hyderabad is that it is a small city and the provincial govt can manage the whole city easily. Coronavirus really affected the routines of Hyderabadi people in so many ways. But one thing is really good about the Hyderabad people is that they are not violating any law.

CoronaVirus in Larkana

The central Sindh city is been really feeling bad because of covid19. The city of Bhuttos is also having tough times related to the current aspect with some common terms around.

CoronaVirus in Kpk

The great province of Pakistan Kpk is also not different from the other provinces. Kpk govt is not that efficient there is a question mark on their eligibility. They didn’t perform well before how they will survive the pandemic now. Big worries for Imran khan and the current Army Establishment.

CoronaVirus in Peshawar

The city of flowers is now without fragrance things are getting more stiff for the Pashtuns. The food is not that sufficient for the coming months. The Peshawar local govt should take some action and define a road map to fulfill the needs of the city. The markets are already closed also the related areas of Peshawar under the attack of Corona. The biggest reason for not responding to the time is the lack of facilities in the city. There should be a quick response team in the city to cover the boundaries of Peshawar cities.

CoronaVirus in Mardan

Mardan needs some attention because there are some covid19 positive cases still in the city. It won’t be that easy to reach them and classify them according to the situation.

CoronaVirus in Balochistan

The biggest province of Pakistan but lesser in facilities is our own Balochistan. There are only 2 or 3 labs in the whole Balochistan province to fight against Coronavirus. But one thing which is quite okay is that Balochistan is not having that much population. The province was always neglected by our Govts also by the so-called Patriots who went hard at the Land of Balochs.

CoronaVirus in Quetta

The brave people of Quetta are born fighters they are doing their best to beat covid19. But Balochistan govt should come up with a stance to sort it out.

CoronaVirus in Gawadar

The upcoming shining city of Pakistan Gawadar is also under some serious threat of Covid19. The Heart of China Pakistan economic corridor is chaos right now.

CoronaVirus in Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan is having some serious unorthodox dilemma going on right now. They have not seen such conditions before so they are trying to get out of the trauma which is cursing them very badly. We should remember the first martyrs of covid19 Doctor Usama Shaheed the real hero of Pakistan in the war against corona.

Corona in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

So the beautiful valley of Kashmir is also not different than other provinces of Pakistan, having said that remember Kashmir is the only state of Pakistan. The People of Kashmir will go hard against covid19 that is sure cause they know how to do this. oh and do remember that Indian occupied Kashmir is also lockdown. So we can say that we are going parallel with Indian Occupied Kashmir in this regard.

CoronaVirus in Islamabad

The 2nd most beautiful capital in the world thieving hard to get rid of this Corona thread. One thing which is quite relaxing is that this virus is not spreading that rapidly in Islamabad things are well in control in Islamabad capital territory.

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