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Caronavirus Symptoms causes 2020 Challenge Is It going to change World map?

Coronavirus Wuhan to International Pandemic:

Wuhan china was supposed to be the main hub for Coronavirus and many so-called analysts and health organizations were speaking about it that it will not hurt the other countries. But viruses never respect borders or your superpower status. Its been 4 months now and Crown is conquering the planet earth according to its own domain. No matter how many health emergencies upheld the current situation of the 2020 mess world already suffered a lot through it.

Corona is single-handedly knocking the economy of the world’s best countries. The business has been done and dusted in fact all Europe is shut down no matter how clean and safe it is. If we just go through the current scenarios there are some chances that Coronavirus Wuhan to an International pandemic is a planned cursed.

Coronavirus Effects, Vaccines, and chances of World War III:

The War is standing at our doors just because of unnatural diseases caused by some stupid think tanks. We have to realize that it is not the first time the world is seeing such a virus with so many capabilities. Coronavirus has the ability to mutate its DNA. So, therefore, the human immune system can’t defend the body while the child virus in such Pandemic conditions become stronger than its parent virus. So the Mutation in its characteristics (phenotype) is really dangerous and poisoning.

Many international companies and institutes are racing against each other to make a vaccine against Covid-19. These 35 companies and institutes in this marathon to invade the Corona and 4 of them have already working on the prototype so that they could market it. Rumors are that China is having one of the prototypes and using it quite often on their isolated victims. The world should unite on this issue but US Govt is still doing stupid unrealistic things towards Crown Virus. The thing which was heartbreaking is that President Trump called it china virus. This is really irresponsible and insane from a country stakeholder. If we observe his statement it is supposed to be arrogant. Vaccines and their making ideas should be shared anyway if the world wants to stop it.

We can not undermine this fact that such Pendamics does change the world maps. While human history is full of such occasions when the Power game caused serious damage to the Humans around the globe. And now it is quite obvious because Europe and America standing Right side and Asia are standing alone on the Left. Having said that Europe can’t handle this virus on its own they would need America for sure and on the other side, Asia on many occasions has fallen. They know how to deal with such stubborn human errors. We hope the world will unite and sort this out otherwise they will curse.

CoronaVirus Genome:

The more work on the structure of its genome the more complexity it possesses. The latest research on the origin of Covid-19 novel says that it is a naturally generated virus and there is no evidence which would suggest that it is been born in a lab. So the genome from bat been mutated naturally is the new theory behind this supernatural Covid-19.

Caronavirus covid19
so if we say it is true and the bat is the origin behind it what were the circumstances behind its mutation and why would it happens with an organic creation

As we can see in the picture how the DNA is been twisted in a bat and it all happened. But the question remains constant why would it happens if it occurs naturally. We all know that if we somehow change the Ecosystem it does cause some massive change. The chain is always been disturbed by human faults so we can not ignore the possibility and probability that its a human error.

Moreover, since the new world and changes in the dynamics, we can not ignore it aside. Coronavirus genome is very much capable of defending its crown and reputation to assemble maybe another version of it. We should have to be on our toes if we have to get rid of it. Otherwise next time it will be game over for humans. The biggest problem which is hurting the people right now is that Covid-19 knows how to make a chain. We should remember that “where there is a well there is hope”.  The dawn of the new era will rise and shine and Corona will die by the grace of Almighty Allah. We hope you stay safe and charming with full of the strong immune system running in your bodies to fight against the genomics of Corona :).


M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.
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