Car Insurance What You need to Focus

There are some issues in Insurance sector too

Car Insurance:

A scam is hurting people nowadays everywhere mostly moral values have been sabotaged. Car Insurance is one of the reasons people get trapped so easily and manipulated. Owners terrified by the different agencies to deal with them according to their will and wish.

Car insurance is causing trouble to the related authorities because it is a headache. The owner of the vehicle really pushed by the car insurance companies to buy their suggested offer. You can say that it is a race for nothing and the owner of the car is treated like a prisoner. And the main thing is that no one will prove guilty in this regard. Also read, Nawaz Sharif and Quaid e Azam Two sides of a coin

The thing we need to focus on in this case is that crime does have its own magic. These are some technical crimes where innocent people always knocked out badly. It is very much a white-collar crime no prove no punishment. Car insurance is causing some serious issues, it has to be some model to follow. So that things go easier on the taxpayer, govt should facilitate the local people in this regard.

Why Scams in Car?

The biggest reason for this question is that nothing has been specified everything is a bit garbaged show. Hide and sick are going around and agencies are stepping up their goals. Black-mailing the people on the basis of bima, yes everyone needs insurance but there should be some clear cut protocol. So we need to acquire bima policies seriously if we want to sort it.

You can not put your own terms and conditions in the insurance file. So this needs to stop if we want to go fairer in dealings this radicalism needs to reset. The whole world is changing whereas this injustice is as cruel as killing some innocent soul.

Hope dilemmas will get sorted someday and people who faced injustice will get their justice.



M. Noor Ul Hasan

Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.

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