Boy Shoot Dead in Rawalpindi Near Arid University(Peer Mehar Ali Shah Campus)

The Related Athuorities are sleeping

Boy Shoot Dead in Rawalpindi:

Last night when Danish was going home after university hours robbers engaged him near Faizabad. They asked him to just give his bike and go away, The young blood resisted and the other brave son of the soil gave him a bullet in his Chest. The 7th semester Boy died at the spot because of nothing. Danish was just 21 years old boy the extremism in us is just blind and clueless. We don’t even hesitate to smell the blood of a young body who would have some dreams around his skull. But who cares? No one Dmn care about this frustrated youth.

 Will Justice Prevail?

With all the negative and brutal realties divine role is the biggest threat. You can change your destiny but you can’t play with a divine role. It will curse you hard in your heart murderer will see a horrific reality too that’s how Nature justify things. Danish will see justice over his dead body people can forbid different chains but those dots of heart can’t be merged whole life.

How Danish’s Family deal with such a mess created by an animal who was chanting on-road playing with their teenage boy. Firing those bullets in his heart-crushing his emotions and that fresh blood drop on the road. You can’t do this how easily someone triggered his gun and the boy done and dusted till Justice day?. Is that simple like that?. Yes someone should answer it now this youth deserves better, they worth more, they have those eyes to see across the sky. Also read Munir Akram replaces Maliha Lodhi

Is There Any Solution to it?

Where there is a will there is a way in this case. Young Lad was playing with time because no one rescued him at the spot at the exact time when he was engaged by some jokers. We do need patience in our society we all are playing blame games around just whispering negativity trying to hurt others hard and wild. I hope this curse will be fixed someday but no limits to it. 🙁


M. Noor Ul Hasan

Trying to sort what is necessary? what is manageable? what is usual? things that do not matter may do matter someday. Wait for your moment one day your moment will own you.

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