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Is Imran Khan Govt at Risk?| Imran Khan Cabinet| Fawad Ch & Murad Saeed

Is Imran Khan Govt at Risk? There is always a thought process that is there any twist in the tale for the current govt of...
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Irfan Khan The Brand in Khan’s Bollywood is No more now

Irfan Khan The Brand in Khan's Bollywood It is heartbreaking to know that the person who changed the dynamics of Cinema is no more now....

Umar Akmal banned for three years Shocking decission| Spot Fixing

Umar Akmal Banned for three years This is really big news in the current context the big fish of Pakistan cricket Umar Akmal is now...

Pakistan Corona and Imran Khan, Will Pakistan Knock It out?

Pakistan, Corona, and Imran Khan Prime Minister Khan is the frontman to deal with the current scenes. Pakistan can not afford more corona stuff. The...