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Basant Pakistan

Basant in Lahore:

Basant is the festival of love harmony and fantasy. Now after 10 long years Event  has been announced. By the Punjab Govt, according to the news report festival will be held in feb. The 2nd week of February will be amazing for Lahore. Lahore always makes you feel amazing when Kites flying.

The passion of Festival in Lahore is just mind blowing. This festival is a unique occasion in Pakistan. People takes flats and roughs on rent for one day and night. Many people visits Lahore for only basant.

Even India did tried to promote Event. But Lahore is the only antique magic around the world. Lahore does generate lots of revenue through Basant.

Basant in Lahore will be a hick of a occasion
basant in Lahore : The passion of Basant in Lahore is just mind blowing.
Kites flying:

The kites flying on blue sky makes people amuse and feels so high. Love for flying kite is unexplainable. You can’t explain this feel. And when you had a encounter with another kite. And everyone roars “ boo kata”. I mean woow that awesome. Festival has suffered a lot for 10 long years. No one talked about it. This Govt had done the right thing.

But issue is that is festival is still safe?, This festival needs to be hold with hospitality. Those harsh memories should not be repeated. Although it’s a govt initiative but people should follow some rules.

This Basant should be memorable event for the country and for Lahore as well.

As minister of information and culture has said last night. That “we will try to make it safe” so it’s quiet a good job by the govt. Fiyaz ul Hasan chohan was quiet keen for the festival. Event  has to be treated according to  its demand.

We should do our job and do not use that chemical door. Govt should ban motor cycle for one day and night. Basant will be a strong trump card for all the world from Pakistan. Lahore will roar again with the majestic voice of “Boo Kata”. Allah bless you all like, share and comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our website please bookmark Rise Pakistani.


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