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Home News Basant 2020 in Lahore Pakistan

Basant 2020 in Lahore Pakistan

Basant 2020 in Lahore:

Basant in Lahore: Basant is the festival of love harmony and fantasy. Now after 11 long years Event has been announced. By the Punjab Govt, according to the news report festival will be held in Feb. The 2nd week of February will be amazing for Lahore. Lahore always makes you feel amazing when Kites flying. The passion of Festival in Lahore is just mind-blowing. This festival is a unique occasion in Pakistan. People take flats and roughs on rent for one day and night. Many people visit Lahore for only basant. Even India did try to promote the Event. But Lahore is the only antique magic around the world. Lahore does generate lots of revenue through Basant.

Basant Festival in Lahore:

The Festival of flowers and fragrance is around the corner now. Hope this time the Govt of Punjab will consider more efficient analysis regarding the Basant festival in Lahore. The beauty of the flying kite can not be described in words. It is really unique kind of view for the people who grow up in the last 10 to 11 years it will be a new fantasy to conquer for them. Basant should have a proper ministry to be handled it will initiate a new dimension for people. Anyway, let’s see if the authorities could make it happen this time Basant Festival in Lahore 2020. 

It is really important for the new generation to see the beauty of the sky in Lahore it will make them feel happy. The generosity of kites around the beautiful blue clear sky is unexplainable.  Punjab Govt should have a clear stance to avoid the ambiguity so that Lahoris would make up their minds.

Basant 2020 in Lahore
The best of the very best Lahore Basant 2020

Basant Night in Lahore:

You could have seen many beautiful party nights and other night functions. But nothing much better and bigger then Basant Night in Lahore. It is one of the best feelings in the world if you could ever be seen Basant Night in Lahore. Yes, there are other cities with a much-anticipated arena like Basant Night in Gujranwala and also Basant Night in Faisalabad and Basant Night in Rawalpindi. The Scenes in Lahore are overwhelming when you see the dark gloomy sky.

Basant night in Lahore
Basant night in Lahore some special scenes

Imran Khan and Basant:

The Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is one of the fans of the Basant festival in Lahore. If you could ever see his Kite flying footage do see him. Like a kite flying lover and also the Ambassador of Pakistan as a statesman he should work on it. Imran Khan should promote the Basant festival it can make Pakistan a million-dollar market.

Many kite makers export kites and other kite flying stuff through the black market. They are generating money through it if Govt comes up with a scenario it will be good for the land. Yes, there are some negative aspects as well but when the Govt’s initiates it does makes sense to handle. With hundreds of bureaucrats and DC’s around them can’t they arrange a Basant Festival in Lahore?. Pakistan is a rich country with poor management around it. This land deserves better so, will Imran khan and Basant come on the same page to help Lahore to regain his Crown?https://youtu.be/yNYUaezcVeQ

Imran khan and basant
Imran khan and Basant Imran khan flying kites


The link is rare footage of Imran khan flying kites. 

Basant date 2020 in Rawalpindi:

So, we all know that it is always a ban in Lahore but not in other big cities like Rawalpindi of Gujranwala and others. They enjoy the Basant festival and there is no ban there isn’t it amazing?. So there is a scene that Basant date 2020 in Rawalpindi is 20, 21 Feb and the Pindi boys and girls will march high on the 3rd week of spring Feb. Basant 2020 in Rawalpindi will be a huge scenario for the Pindi people.

They are life enjoying species they know how to maximize happiness. Basant in Rawalpindi will be a high heat scene this time because there are reports that many parties and arrangements privately has been done by many local organizers. So, it will be a party on the scene in Rawalpindi so Pindi it’s your time to enjoy and remain calm.

Basant Date 2020 in Faisalabad:

Another Punjab city another Lahore’s neighborhood will have a blast. Yes, we are talking about Basant in Faisalabad so the news about Basant date 2020 in Faisalabad is in the 2nd or 3rd week of Feb. There is not a clear stance from the local organizers but there are related sources and according to them. The Basant in Faisalabad will be held at the end of Feb and much more stuff is on the cards. So don’t worry Lahore if you want to enjoy some you can visit your near cities and chill the two days of love and happiness and do not forget to use the precautions.

Basant in Faisalabad
Basant in Faisalabad girls doing Basant things
Basant in Pakistan 2020

Basant Date 2020 in Gujranwala:

The same chances are in Gujranwala Basant 2020 in Gujranwala will be most probably in between the 2nd or 3rd week of Feb. But there are some Law and order issues in Gujranwala because they react quite harshly when police tackle them. There were some injuries from both sides when some boys were doing stuff and had a mess with Police. So Basant in Gujranwala should be held in some good manner so people can enjoy it.

Kites flying:

The kites flying on blue sky makes people amuse and feels so high. Love for flying kite is unexplainable. You can’t explain this feel. And when you had a encounter with another kite. And everyone roars “ boo kata”. I mean woow that awesome. Festival has suffered a lot for 10 long years. No one talked about it. This Govt had done the right thing. But the issue is that is the festival is still safe? This festival needs to behold with hospitality. Those harsh memories should not be repeated.

Although it’s a govt initiative people should follow some rules. This Basant should be a memorable event for the country and for Lahore as well. As minister of information and culture has said last night. That “we will try to make it safe” so it’s quite a good job by the govt. Fiyaz ul Hasan Chohan was quite keen on the festival. The event has to be treated according to its demand. We should do our job and do not use that chemical door. Govt should ban motorcycles for one day and night. Basant will be a strong trump card for all the world from Pakistan. Lahore will roar again with the majestic voice of “Boo Kata”. Allah blesses you all like, share and comment and don’t forget to subscribe to our website please bookmark Rise Pakistani.

M. Noor Ul Hasanhttp://www.risepakistani.com
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