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Home Android tutorials How to make android studio login page Sql (part 3) in Urdu

How to make android studio login page Sql (part 3) in Urdu

Android studio login page SQL Urdu & Hindi:

Android studio login page SQL Urdu and Hindi: Welcome to Rise Pakistani Urdu and Hindi tutorial. Today we will continue the third part of android studio login page SQL Urdu and Hindi. You can watch my video tutorial on my website RisePakistani or Youtube channel. If you like my video please like my video. If you have any issue please comment here thank you.

BufferReader implementation:

In the previous video we have already declared bufferReader, Now we will implement this. If you have any issue please watch my previous video.

String data  = URLEncoder.encode("username", "UTF-8") + "=" +
        URLEncoder.encode(username, "UTF-8");
data += "&" + URLEncoder.encode("password", "UTF-8") + "=" +
        URLEncoder.encode(password, "UTF-8");
bufferedWriter.write( data );

After making URL we will store in string type data variable. After that, data will pass in bufferReader. When it will complete we will close it. Because when we will open any tag we will close it after completion.

Why do we use BufferedReader in Java?

BufferedReader is a class in java that reads text from the character input stream, buffering characters so as to provide for the efficient reading of characters, lines, and arrays. The buffer size may be specified. If you did not specify the size, the default size, which is predefined, may be used.

Why do we use the input stream in Java?

Input Stream class is the superclass of all the io classes i.e. representing an input stream of bytes. It represents an input stream of bytes.

After that, we will store data in the string type result variable, Which is received from the server. After that, the Stored value in result we will return it back.



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