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What is 5G? Everything you need to know about Data

What is 5G?

5G the new upcoming generation of cellular devices giving more speed more internet and more Action. The 1gbps is the fastest internet speed until now. This technology is going to break the barrier with its accuracy offering connections multitudes faster than the current scenario.

Not only that it will turn the tables internet of things the big amount of data will be able to transfer. It can make the world smarter, safer and connected.

The year 2020 will be the crucial year because of the underway work will be done then, the work is still in process, it will be awesome. There are many 5g technologies which are under the pipeline. It will alter the iot(internet of things) and also the dynamics of sharing exploring data.

What 5g means to us?

  • Lighting fast downloading and uploading
  • Smart cities
  • Self-driving cars future of fog and edge computing
  • Reliable secure Networks
  • The new era of technologies
  • A new door of greatness      Also Click here and read the last Article

How Pacey will be?

We cannot predict how fast 5g will be than 4g, because this technology is under work so we all need to wait and watch. But there are rumors that the average speed of 5g will maybe reach to 10gbps, and some people think that transfer rate offered by 5g will be 800gbps. That means that a high-quality video can be downloaded in a second or two.

What about data rates and local user

Having said that data rates are expected to be lower because of cellular companies knows how the desperately local user is waiting for the tsunami. Mobile phones will be upgraded to accommodate that super energy. Anyhow more or fewer data will be the most important thing in the upcoming years. After once it will be a slow steady process to knockout 4g because of infrastructure still to be changed. But do remember that you cannot immediately transfer from 4g.

5g data running up the sky
We cannot predict how fast 5g will be than 4g, because this technology is under work so we all need to wait and watch.

What is required for 5G Network

  • Endpoints 1-10GBps
  • End-to-end 1 millisecond round (latency) delay
  • Coverage should be 100/100
  • Network usage will be 90% reduced
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